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Two years ago I came to see Dr. White for my low back pain, and that has been fixed 100%! Seriously, I can ride horses, I can do things I hadn’t been able to do for years. I can’t believe it. And now, Dr. White is working on my neck. I was ready for surgery, I was going to go do the laser surgery before I came to talk to Dr. White, and you saved my life! It was my left shoulder that was killing me, I was ready to have surgery on it, and my pain level right now is almost a 0 out of 10, and when I first came in it was a 10 out of 10.
Seriously, I tell everybody, go see Dr. White if you’re in pain. My son’s back is killing him, and I’ve told him to come in. I tell everyone. I tell my husband, I tell everyone I meet who has back problems, you have to go see Dr. White! He’s a miracle! Because before I came here, I had been to every chiropractor out here, and I’m not saying anything bad about the other chiropractors, but I spent lots and lots of money with another one, and honestly it didn’t help at all. Then I went out to a spine and disc center out in Salt Lake and got medicine, and I don’t like medicine, it doesn’t work for me. And so that wasn’t working either. That's when I went and got an MRI, and no one ever even told me what was on the MRI besides you, so I didn’t even know what the problem was. But obviously, now I know it was my degenerative discs that were hurting.
Now, I can turn my head! I haven't been able to do this for years with my neck, it’s crazy! You have helped me lots and I really appreciate it. I love you from the bottom of my heart Dr.White, I really do!

When I first started my pain was pretty high, probably an 8 or a 9 out of 10. The pain went down both of my legs, my ankles, my knees, my hips, my back. There was a real stiffness in my muscles, aching in my calves and my joints. I was pretty limited.
I had back problems and hip problems and could barely move. It was painful to walk, to sit, to do anything for about the last year and it was getting worse. I’m really active, and I exercise all the time, and with this pain I could not. I have not been able to exercise for like a year. Really, the things I do with my family have been limited. I couldn’t enjoy my grandkids as much, my family, and that’s really important to me.
Now, I can walk better, I’m starting to exercise again, I’m able to do the bicycle and things like that again. I have days that are really really good now and I can do almost anything!
Another thing is, I climb stairs at my job, I show houses, and I had the hardest time climbing stairs before. Now, I actually can climb stairs! I would recommend this treatment. I’ve loved the care and the people here, and I think its very personalized. I actually referred someone to Dr. White, and I said to her, it is awesome! Because she was headed in for I think her 3rd or 4th back surgery, and she didn’t want to do it,
and I said to her, you need to try this, because it’s helped me a lot. She called me a couple of times now and she’s been pleased with it too.

I originally injured myself about 15 years ago when I was in high school. And periodically I would end up doing something stupid and hurting it again. I got a total of 6 different epidural injections. And they would help for a little bit, but it would start hurting again pretty shortly after.
This was definitely my worst flareup. I had really bad back pain and I was having some issues with my right leg when I was walking, it wouldn’t lift up. I hurt it at work and was really in quite a bit of pain. The pain was going down my right leg and it was a really sharp constant pain. It was kind of a burning sensation, and my foot was numb, and I had really bad pain behind my knee and going all the way down my leg. Pretty much everything was difficult to do. Walking was difficult, sitting really aggravated it. Sleeping was miserable. At work I couldn’t perform most of the tasks I needed to. The pain was like a 9 out of 10. I had done a lot of yoga, I had tried alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol, and at one point I was on stronger prescription pain medications, but nothing I could do was remedying it.
I was nervous about going into a more invasive option, and really didn’t want to do surgery at this point. And this treatment here with Dr. White gave me a lot of relief and it was pretty dramatic how quick it helped too. I remember even the first couple of days after I first came in, I had a lot of relief and walking was easier. My leg, I remember the first time I came off the table there was a notable difference in my leg pain, and like I said, a lot of relief really instantly.
I would definitely recommend Uintah Basin Spine and Disc Center. The staff here is very nice, everyone knew me by name when I came in, and would talk to me about how my day was going. It’s really a very friendly place.
I went snowmobiling last weekend and had a good time without any incident. I was worried I might get stuck and have to dig out the sled, but it was a really good day and I wasn't sore at all going back home. I felt better than I did last year any day coming back!
I’m pretty pleased with how my treatment went. I was really wanting to steer away from a more invasive option and I’m glad I did. Recovery here was a lot quicker and I feel really good. I’m back to doing everything I love to do and I’m back to doing everything I need to at work.

To be straight up honest, you’re always skeptical of new things right, but I’m too young to go have back fusion surgery. I didn’t want to take the risks, and didn’t want to take those drastic steps, so I was at a point where I was willing to try just about anything you know.
I had back pain, leg pain, fatigue and was just tired of fighting with pain day and night. The pain was progressive over a few years, but I didn’t know how bad it was until I started coming in here and started feeling better. But I’d say it was an easy 8+ out of 10.
The first change I noticed after starting care was strength. Getting strength back into may arms, hands, legs. I never realized the fatigue I had from my back pain. As bad as I hate to say it, you kind of get used to back pain. Everyday things got better, like walking up stairways, bending over to pick up things around the house, even my general posture changed dramatically.
Everything has improved. I sleep better, which helps me a ton. Physical activities like playing ball with the kids. I can go throw batting practice, I can go down and work out with the kids, do a little running. I can do all that stuff pain free now. Where before, if I jogged across the ball field it shot pain up and down my back and legs every step I took.
As far as treatments, I’d say the first 6 weeks were not that fun. A lot of muscle soreness and I could tell my body was going through a rebuilding phase. I don’t know how to describe it better than that. I kind of relate it to athletics, when you’re into a new program your body kind of breaks down for a while, and then once you make that corner, its pretty remarkable the gains you make, almost on a daily basis. Where simple things like backing out a driveway, you notice that before you had to turn your whole body to try to look into a mirror, and you realize now you’re just turning your head sightly, and you couldn’t even do that before right!
It started out with small things. Like hiking. I do a lot of hiking. In the spring time I hike around looking for shed antlers and do a little bit of scouting and that’s easier now. Or lifting heavy objects, where you’d realize, wait, that didn’t hurt. Hunting season last year was a big difference. Sleeping on the ground, sleeping on camper beds, being out hiking around and packing animals, I felt like time had stepped back 15 years, I really did!
The initial investment is a little scary, but looking back now, I would have paid 5X the amount for the results that I’ve gotten. I would recommend to anyone struggling with back pain or neck pain, go get the MRI, and come here and have a consultation. It’s been life changing! As cheesy as that might sound, it’s been a life changing event for me!


Dr. White has given me back my life! I'm now doing things that I haven't been able to do in over 2 years. Things that both pain specialists and surgeons told me I would never do again. A little over 2 months ago I walked into Dr. White's office desperate to find some relief from my chronic back pain. I had just returned from a visit with a back surgeon, my second visit in the last year. He told me that surgery would not help the constant pain that I suffered from 80% of the time. Surgery, he said, would only help my sciatic nerve pain.
At the time of my first visit with Dr. White, my pain level was at a constant 8 to 10 out of 10. After 2 months of treatments, my pain level is between a 0 to 2 out of 10. Thank you Dr. White!
Curt B.



In 2010 my back went out, I was down for 2 full weeks. I went to a Orthopedic specialist, he gave me and MRI. He found I had 5 herniated discs. I had 3 spinal epidural injections with some relief. He said there was a certain amount of pain that I would have to live with. I went along for a few years swimming and doing exercises. This Spring my back was bad again so I came to the Spine and Disc Center with Dr. White and started treatments with a pain level of 8 out of 10, tingling in my leg and numbness in my foot. After 2 weeks of treatments the pain level is a 3 out of 10 and the tingling and numbness are gone. I am able to work and carry on life with less pain and I have not missed any work since starting treatments!
George G.



I have had a pain in my lower back for years. About three years ago, it got to the point that I quit going to the gym to exercise. I couldn’t stand or walk for very long I could only wear jogging pants and lose fitting clothing. I dreaded night because it was worse then. The pain went across my lower back, down into my hip, shot down my thigh, calf and across my ankle.
Last year, I couldn’t go Christmas shopping or to the Holly Fair. I was miserable doing most other activities in enjoyed. I had to cut back my work load and hire people to help do the things I had done for years. I count even carry my grand children.
Last Spring, I was referred to Dr. White for a consultation. After going to the Spine and Disc Center for about two and half months, I started to feel better. The pain was less severe and eventually went completely away. I can work without the nagging pain and do the things I enjoy and want to do.
It is relief and peace of mind to know that Dr. White is here in our community.
Ann S.



My left leg sciatic nerve has been very sore for about two and half months with weakness as well. Sleeping was very hard as I had to wake up to roll over with a lot of pain. Daytime was better, the pain was manageable if I kept busy. I experienced weakness in the leg mostly the left side but sometimes the right. Last Thursday I felt a change, I can’t really explain the feeling. I just knew I was different. I still had pain but not as sharp. Friday and Saturday I had to do some things that I was worried would undo some of the progress I was experiencing but the shape pain was less, more of a uncomfortable feeling. Monday I came back to the Spine and Disc Center for another treatment then went to work. Last Monday I was burning some piles of trees, riding a four wheeler and bouncing a lot, and again was worried I was undoing the treatments. A grass fire started and I had to beat the fire out with a shovel—about 300 yards! I was bent over and working very hard. When I go the fire out I was so exhausted I ha to lay on the ground.
Now the good part, I finally got home about 9:30 or 10:00pm. I walked down the hall and knew something was wrong—no pain! I showered and went to the side of the torture chamber, other wise known as my bed, but no pain. I got into bed, rolled over, moved, etc, NO PAIN. Absolutely 0 pain! I woke up about 1:30am, decided to get up, I didn’t want to sleep through such a good feeling of no pain! Returned to bed—no pain—0! The treatments are working.
Michael B.



I’ve had back problems for along time, they progressively got worse as time went by. It got the point where my kids had to help me out of bed because I was in so much pain. I decided to come see Dr. White after that happened. Currently, I have seen him three different times and after that I feel great. I’m able to play with my kids without pain and also other daily activities without difficulty. My favorite thing about Dr. White is I really believe he’s here to let you and cares about how you feel. He’s very personable and doesn’t teat you as just another patient. I highly recommend him.
Nichole K.



In February 2013 I had been having lower back pain. Nothing any different than what I had experienced for years, but after a bad cough and moving a freezer, I hurt a bit worse. Thinking I could make it feel better, I lay down on the floor to do some stretches. I instantly felt my foot go tingly, numb. The pain in my back and right leg was unbearable. I had seen an ad that very day in the paper about the Spine and Disc Center. I called down and was able to get right in. I had been to conventional chiropractors before and figured he would pop my spine and I would be fine. Not the case. Dr. White was very thorough and meeting with him we found my situation was worse than I thought. Dr. White recommended I have an MRI. The next day my husband took me to Salt Lake City. The following Monday I started treatments.
He is also trying to help me with my neck. I had an old injury that I ignored for years. I am a beautician and standing with my arms up and leaning over the sink has caused me discomfort in my neck and back.
I have found that as long as I follow Dr. Whites instructions I do very well. I knew I didn’t want surgery and that is incentive to work hard to do what he says. I have faith that this treatment is working.
Before this treatment I was in such pain. I couldn’t sleep, walk, sit, lay down or stand. I was miserable. Since I have been getting help, I feel much better. The only thing that I am limited on is bending over and lifting. But I know this will return too.
The atmosphere at the Center is amazing. We are treated so well and every concern is given to each patient. I am so grateful to Dr. White. This is by far better than any treatment I have had. I would recommend it to anyone that is suffering from spinal pain and discomfort.
Kitty S.



I had been working with other chiropractors in the are for 7 months without success. I could hardly move. Their treatment was just one adjustment after another. My pain got so bad that I could hardly walk. Not one of the other chiropractors suggested an MRI to see what the real problem was. On the first visit, Dr. White believed it was a bulging disc. He prescribed an MRI too to be sure and he was right. After just 4 treatments with Dr. White, there was a marked difference in my pain level. His work is life changing. I can do anything and everything after 6 weeks. His staff is great to work with, they are very professional and attentive. Thank you Dr. White!
Cathy B.

Thank you soooo much spine and disc! Dr. Brandon White you are phenomenal at what you do!! Thank you so much to your awesome nurses who make coming in enjoyable. It's nice to see some personality when we come in.

- Lindzee W. 

Dr. Brandon White is is the only person I trust to adjust me. I have degenerative disc syndrome and I have seen a lot of improvement since my visits with Dr.White.

- Jayden R. 


What I really liked about my visit is that Dr. Brandon White not only found what was wrong with my neck but also showed me why I had that problem in the first place. Also, the place is so inviting and relaxing to be in. Thanks Dr. White!

- Vanesa Y.


You guys are amazing!!! I was in the worst pain and could not even walk, after one visit I feel like I could run a track meet!!! The nurses are very welcoming and Dr. White is awesome!!! Thanks again!!!

- Monty-Joise H. 


Coming to see you has been such a great experience Dr. Brandon White! The biggest issue I came in with was my constant headaches. Your muscle work and upper neck adjustments helped greatly with the headaches. I went the longest without a head ache, maybe 3 or 4 weeks, while you were treating me! The stretches you provided me to do outside of my appointments were very helpful. You are very professional but at the same time approachable and very easy to talk too.You by far passed my expectations!

- Kyleigh V. 

I feel significant improvement in my mid back tightness and painful neck. It was great,I felt better within the first 3 visits! I have never been around a person with better bedside manner. Your bedside manner is second to none. Your ability to talk to me and explain things so I know what is going on is I always say, you have a gift! I trust you more than any other doctor I have been to. I would recommend you to anyone of my family members. You are truly an amazing doctor!

- Jesse C. 


​Dr. White, let me begin by saying thank you! You surprised me by your thoroughness reviewing my chart and looking at my x-rays and questioning my previous treatment. Admittedly, I was hurting and frustrated when I came to you. Your patience and willingness to try new things made all the difference! You encouraged me to listen to my body and you were always willing to listen and address any concerns or questions that I had! I have been pain free for quite some time and truly believe that is your doing. All the symptoms I presented with (legpain, leg muscle weakness, etc.) have resolved PLUS my lower back feels better than it has in long long time! I’m more confident about the health and stability of my back, especially now that I’m pregnant!

- Stephanie W. ​

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